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Streched Canvas Prints

We offer high quality canvas at affordable prices. Our 240g canvas products are durable and offer excellent print qualities. Standard paper sizes from A0 down to A5 are available and custom sizes upon request. 1.5m X 2.0m. Our canvas products are stretched over a choice of 16mm or 32mm super wood frames fastened together by a staple gun.


Our frames are manufactured on site using super wood in both 16mm and 32mm, giving you an option for regular framing. We also offer an extra option of a floating frame. This sub-frame mounted at the back of a regular frame is not visible once hung and gives the appearance of the canvas floating off the wall due to the offset created. Our range for framing options now also includes the shadow box frame. Made from Meranti wood in 32mm. Our shadow box frame, also known as Framed Canvas or Frame-in-a-Frame adds a wonderfully stylish and elegant look to finish off your canvas.

Perspex Printing

Perspex printing offers a stylish and sleek look to images. With clear laser cut edges, this transparent media gives life to any picture, image and for upmarket waiting rooms and lounges.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl stickers, decals, letterings and graphics. Our range of interior and exterior long life vinyl media can be printed and cut to your desired size and shape. Full colour printing and self-adhesive vinyl product are excellent for branding and advertising on walls, floors, vehicle windows and shop fronts.

One Way Vision (Contra-Vision)

Commonly referred to as contra-vision, one way vision film allows you to print your image logo or branding and return visibility from inside your shop or vehicle. Great for bus and car rear windows, shop front windows and doors. We offer full colour printing and installation of contra-vision.

Frosted Glass (Sand Blast)

We offer regular frosted glass window film and printed frosted glass sometimes referred to as etched glass film. Its ideal for privacy and elegant for boardroom windows and other glass doors and internal walls.

Banner Printing (PVC)

We are for full colour high quality banner printing in various lengths and sizes. Banners are an excellent solution for promotion and advertising for any business.

Custom Wallpaper Prints

Decorative and personalized Wall-Art paper prints create special features on walls for baby rooms and living rooms. We offer a unique high-quality paper that can be easily applied and removed with a water-based glue solution. Create your space.


Wild Art prints regular posters on economical 80g bonded paper, ideal for weekly or monthly advertising of specials for shop and events. Our premium poster prints are printed onto 260g satin paper which gives the highest quality and definition.

Photo Printing

We offer all the regular size of photos, typically 4 X 6, 8 X 8 and 8 X 12 with our high-quality Fuji Film dry photo-lab. We also offer large format photo finishes from A0 to A5 sizes. Our regular photo sizes and printed on 220g gloss paper.

Graphic Design

Layout and sizing are very important to get the best results of your image print. Our services include general design work for creating collages, cropping and resizing.

Photo and Image Restoration

Bring old photos back to life with our image restoration service. We off restoration and coloration.

Digitization of Photos

Save old photos onto disk or USB and make backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t all of my canvases look like the image on my screen?

All screens (Laptops, computers, tablets and phones) have a different calibration. A screen displays images by directly emitting light while a print reflects the ambient light.

What can I expect from a sunset picture?

Sunsets are tricky images to capture. Capturing the light in the background will likely mean that everything in the foreground will be dark. This can be managed by the photographer but you need to know what you are doing and you probably need a good camera with a variety of settings that allow you to control the exposure. Remember that in extreme lighting, your camera might not interpret the scene in the same way that you expect. We will happily print any image that meets the basic criteria mentioned above.

It’s my image, will I decide if it’s suitable?

Yes, that’s right. We’ve been in the business a long time and understand that the beauty of a picture is subjective. It is not for us to tell you if your picture is suitable to print. Once the image meets the basic criteria, we will only offer our subjective view in the case where you ask for it (even then, we recognise that your decision is final and we will follow your direct instruction).  For this reason, if you instruct us to proceed and are unhappy with the final output, we cannot take responsibility for this (unless the image has been damaged in the printing process). 

I’m nervous about committing to printing on a large canvas, what should I do?

It’s ok to the nervous. We are here to discuss your concerns and offer advice. You are welcome to call us, or indeed visit us, to have a consultation on any issues that you wish to address (we will not charge you for our time and are happy to answer any questions that you may have).


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